SASSY TOWN FOLLIES by Felicity Appleton, no.29 August 12

Tomatoes And Other Signs Of Change

This week it’s felt a bit like Spring is here. Just a bit. And it’s been great, because it seems like the cold weather would never go, and it seems like that every year, to me. Often mum and dad and other older people talk about having a colder or warmer winter or a longer one and I don’t really know what they mean. It’s always too long. And it’s always too cold.

But I’ve seen wattle out in a few places, and I know that means spring to some people. Mrs Franco (Cosi’s mum) always talks about wattle. She gets very intense about searching for sightings of it at this time of year. She says it has something to do with growing tomatoes. When is the best time to plant them or something. And I must say Mr Franco grows beautiful tomatoes. I was at their place the other day – mum sent me over with a jar of raspberry and lavender jam – and Cosi’s mum and dad insisted on feeding me. They shoved a plate of pasta under my nose, and of course it would have been rude to say no, so I ate, and it was so good. Really really good. The best! Ravioli, which Mrs F makes with her friends, and delicious tomato sauce. Heaven. The sauce dripped down my chin and they both smiled at each other and had a big laugh. It made them so happy to see me eating. And it was just what I wanted after having such a big night at Bacall’s, trying to impress Adriano’s straight friend Mike, who is a poet and occasional member of a Rolling Stones cover band. The band is called RSE (which stands for Rolling Stones Experience – they are currently having a legal dispute with another cover band which calls themselves that so Mike’s band has to use the letters instead). Mike seemed a nice guy. I don’t know anyone he knows, except Adriano, and Mike told me that he thinks Adriano’s a bit of a dick most of the time, and I have no idea where Mike went to school and I’m not really sure where he works. He said he works with sick kids, which I found a bit of a turn on. He seemed sensitive and doing a job like that shows that he is. He doesn’t tick any of my boxes, you could say, but I found him interesting. And when I say interesting I mean a lot more than just interesting. I mean what Cosi calls shaggable: I found him shaggable. I liked his short 70s leather jacket and the silk scarf he wore tied around his neck. He looked great and clearly doesn’t care what other people think of him. I found that sexy. We drank a lot though. I’ll definitely be seeing him again. If he’s at the bar next week. I must ask Adriano for Mike’s number. I can’t find it if he gave it to me Iit was that kind of night!).

Anyway, back to Cosi’s mum and dad. They have a room full of preserved tomatoes in jars which puts mum’s occasional jam or jelly making to shame (mum says it’s about quality not quantity, but I reckon the Francos are winning there too).

And even though I’m quite excited that summer is coming I’m also a bit sad. I only just bought a lovely, and quite expensive, Jordan Askill dress, which looks divine with when I’m wearing my bright red leather boots. I don’t think I’ll be able to wear it when the weather gets warmer.

Oh well.

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