SASSY TOWN FOLLIES by Felicity Appleton no. 31, September 9

Hawaii part 1

The Kauai Regis Majestic Beach Hotel & Spa is fifteen minutes by taxi from Lihue Airport and our driver got us there in eleven minutes. His name was Max and he knew what to do when three gals who are desperate to get into their bikinis get into your cab. He stepped on it. He fanged his way up the winding mountain road and down the other side and when we got out we gave him a big kiss each. He seemed to like that. Heather gave him a tip too, and that made him even happier. We waved and shouted, “Aloha!” as he drove away. Aloha means goodbye as well as hello.

Actually, Kikki was wearing a bikini, under her dress. She said she didn’t want to waste time. Heather and I had to change when we got up to our rooms, while Kikki just looked hers up and down before she told us she couldn’t wait and was going down to the pool. Our three rooms were all in a row, and the young man who showed us up to them – he looked a bit like Dean Cain from Lois & Clark (remember that show?) – well, he waited in the third room after he had put down the last bags and we had all thanked him. He wouldn’t leave. He smiled but it was awkward for a minute, until we remembered to tip! He was grateful, but not too grateful, when Heather tipped him. (I think she might have wanted Clark to come back and show her around her room again, possibly with his shirt off.)

At the pool, Kikki was onto her second piña colada and she already knew the drinks waiter’s name. And he knew hers. Kikki and Harry were getting on very well indeed. Heather and I asked for piña coladas too and stretched out on our sun lounges and watched tanned men diving off some rocks into the clear blue water and playing with a fisbee on the sand.

It was perfect. Already. And it was so exciting.

Later that night we saw two of the brown men from the beach on the dance floor at Rumours nightclub. The nightclub was part of the resort. The resort had everything: restaurants, a gym, video games (like the arcades they used to have when we were kids), more bars than we were able to visit the entire time we were there, and a day spa and all those other girlie things, which were the real reason we had come (apart from shopping). But the excitement at this moment was the brown men and their hard brown bodies. They were beautiful. And they were gay, by the look of how close they danced together. We three ladies went onto the dance floor anyway and showed them what we had to offer (if you get me). And we were pleasantly surprised. Well, Heather and I were more pleasantly surprised than Kikki was, as she wasn’t accompanied back to her room by a hunky new Hawaiian friend. I felt sorry for her, later.

Hawaiian men and Australian men behave differently in night clubs. Hawaiian men actually seem to like dancing. Hank and Ted (my one was Ted) worked at the Regis Majestic, and they happened to be on a break when we first saw them. They told us that they always dropped into Rumours before going home each night, and they said it was hard to meet nice local girls. “I bet it’s hard!” Kikki said. “Hard! You know.” We knew. She had had about nine piña coladas by this time, but she was keen to keep dancing, right up to the point when she fell into a floral display. That’s when Hank and Ted helped us take Kikki back to her room and accompanied Heather and I to ours. They kissed us goodnight – nothing more – but said they’d meet us again the next night.

And that was even more exciting.

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