SASSY TOWN FOLLIES by Felicity Appleton, no. 36 October 14

Looking Good But Feeling Crap 

Feeling a bit under the weather everybody, so keep it down if you can. That’s a bit of an exaggeration, but I have been wearing my Audrey Hepburn sunglasses everywhere today. Even in the office, until my eyes got used to the light. They’re beautiful. I bought them from Tiffany when Jonesy gave me my promotion a couple of weeks ago. I blew my first pay rise on them, but I don’t care. They’re worth it. Even Adriano agrees. He described them as divine and said I looked like a goddess in them, and I think he meant it. He’s actually quite into design when he’s not being a sour little bitch.

Anyway, back to me. Look over here. Yes, that’s better. I was under the weather. In a drinking a tiny bit too much the previous evening sort of way. There are other words for it, but you know what I mean.

Heather met me at the Leaning Cattle Dog – it’s a new pub which is about half way between our two apartments – and we’d planned to have a couple of glasses of champers. Krug maybe or Veuve. Or maybe something cheaper, like Moet. We’re not fussy. But they brew their own beer at the Leaning Cattle Dog and there was a tasting promotion on, so it would have been rude not to take part. The beers all had names which relate to cattle dogs and dogs in general but I can’t remember any of them now. I’m pretty sure we tasted them all though. A few times.

Before long we got wedges to eat and before long after that we decided to stay for dinner. They do a great steak sandwich. It’s so filling! So meaty! Heather couldn’t finish hers but I finished mine. Almost.

We talked, and that’s the real reason we stayed there so long. Heather told me all about her latest boyfriend. The man drought broke for her after we got back from Hawaii and Chad the plumber came into her life. He was lovely, I thought. Really funny bloke. But I only met him once. Maybe he just got on well with me. Heather said he wasn’t like that at all when they were together. He hardly ever took charge. Wouldn’t even suggest things that they might do together for fun. They went to a motorbike race, early in the relationship, which Heather told me she really enjoyed. It was something she would never have thought of doing but she had a really good time. They went other places, like the movies and to see the musical version of Eat Pray Love, which had just opened in Sydney. These were all Heather’s ideas.

He said he was intimidated. He said he didn’t think they liked the same things and didn’t think they wanted the same things. (There was one thing they both wanted: and they did as much of that as they could, if you get me. But that wasn’t enough to base a relationship on. His hands were very strong apparently, and so were other parts of him.) Heather told him that there was no reason to be intimidated and that they would enjoy whatever they did together, because they got on so well.

Chad said he didn’t want to make Heather unhappy, which was very noble. She still couldn’t quite believe that it was happening, or understand why it was happening, but she agreed that they should stop seeing each other for a few weeks, and maybe get together later on.

So she hopes it’s only a temporary thing, and she hopes he doesn’t meet a woman who is also a motorbike racing fan, and I really hope my head will stop aching.

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