SASSY TOWN FOLLIES by Felicity Appleton, no. 37 October 21

The Pool Room 

Jonesy’s office has all sorts of pictures on the walls and that sort of thing. He calls it his pool room: if Sparky People wins an industry award, for instance, and we do win quite a few of them, Jonesy will say, “We’ll put it in the pool room”. I’m not sure how many of the staff have even seen The Castle, but they know he’s having a joke of some kind and laugh along with him. There are a row of Golden Targets from the last seven years of the Public Relations Institute of Australia awards nights on the top of his book shelves. He’s also got souvenirs from holidays he’s been on, like a bull fighting poster from Pamplona, framed, and flags and sports team photos, all signed and all framed, are in there too. It’s all a bit blokey and it seems a bit like he’s compensating for being surrounded by women and homosexual men. Maybe a bit too much, in fact, when you consider that the men are not all gay anyway.

“They might as well be, those metrosexual types,” Jonesy says, when he knows no-one else is around. He says you couldn’t have a conversation about the footy with any of these pretty young men with their perfect moustaches and their tight jeans.

I tell him my assistant Troy likes watching the footy, and Jonesy tells me that’s bullshit, that Troy may watch football on TV but he’s looking at things Jonesy isn’t interested in. I actually doubt Troy watches sport of any kind. He has a girlfriend – boo! – who occasionally plays the bongos in a jazz group and makes coffee in a small place next door to the French restaurant where there’s a waitress who looks just like Scarlett Johansson. It’s worth buying coffee from Caitlin’s Coffee, served by Caitlin, because you might catch a glimpse of this waitress. God she’s lovely! So pretty and gorgeous and she’s just beautiful too. Really really beautiful. And Caitlin’s alright. I’ve decided I approve. She’s a very friendly young thing and when you see her with Troy you realise they’re right together and that’s important, isn’t it? Caitlin is always hanging around jazz clubs and things and going to plays in tiny places where you can barely tell there’s a stage there. Troy tells me. Her friend writes plays and Caitlin tries to write plays too. Her eyes are brown and her hair is dark and she wears it in little pigtails and you could say she’s cute. In fact she and Troy make a cute couple. Anyway, I told you all that because I don’t think Troy has any interest in sport. He’s does edgy things in places which are too funky even for me.

But back to Jonesy. A new picture on his wall is of a black and white kitten. The kitten has little white paws and the tip of his tail is white and so is his chest. His whiskers are white and in the picture he’s playing with a piece of red wool. It’s the most adorable thing I’ve ever seen. I demanded answers when I saw this new picture and Jonesy told me that the cat is called Stanley, it’s his cat, and he’s just over a month old.

You have a KITTEN!” I said. It was the most restrained thing I could think to say. I did scream a bit as I said it. Through the office window we could see people looking up from their work and Kikki even ran over to see if everything was alright.

“Well, Cheryl likes cats, doesn’t she?” he said. “They found the little bugger by the side of the highway near my place, so I had to take him.”

I love Jonesy. He really is a softie.

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  1. So what is this exactly? Is this a novel? I like the writing, but just curious what this is intended for.

  2. Firstly, thanks for the comment, Trent. I hardly get any comments.

    It would be tempting to say you’ll have to ask Felicity for an answer to that question …

    I suppose this is an extended (year-long) creative writing experiment. I did something similar last year, but this time a bit more of a story seems to be emerging and the challenge is to make the story ‘work’ – tie the loose ends together and so on – by the end of the year.

    Not sure if I can manage it, or if there’s any real point trying, but I’m determined to have a go.


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