A Conversational Footnote

You heard.

No I didn’t.

Yeah, you heard.

Heard what? Why are you saying that?

Oh, no reason. It’s just something we used to say at school.

What does it mean?

No idea. We used to say it. That’s all. It was supposed to sound tough.

Like if you said something mildly threatening to someone and they asked what you said, kind of wanting you to repeat your threat, or almost threat, and thinking that you might not repeat it or not repeat it with as much force or something, and then you surprise them by saying you heard.

Yep. Sorta. And sorta not. I don’t remember.

You’re weird.

You’re weird. You over-interpret everything.

No. You’re the weird one. Saying something you and your mates used to say, and which you didn’t understand then, and now not meaning anything when you just said it in here, to me.

Wasn’t saying it to you.

You were.

Just said it. It sounded funny. I’m allowed to say things that sound funny.

Yes, you are allowed to say things that sound funny.

That’s all it was. Just being funny. You know? Like a fake tough guy.

Oh, so you know what it means then, after all.

Maybe I do. Or maybe I know what we meant when we said it. Maybe it all came back to me just then.

But you wouldn’t admit it when I asked. You just said you didn’t know.

I didn’t know. I just said it. It hadn’t quite occurred to me. Not fully. It just sounded funny.

Not that funny.

No. Well, not that funny now. Not after this conversation.

My fault then, is it? Again.

I didn’t say that. No, that comment you heard is not funny. What was funny was being fourteen years old and pretending to be tough guys and saying in a very gruff sort of voice you heard when someone would ask a question and then saying you heard to every question about saying you heard until it was just four or five young blokes just growling you heard at each other under their breath. It was so absurd that it was amusing. And it was funny to think back to that time, when the phrase popped into my head. I didn’t plan it you know.

I didn’t say you did.

And I didn’t say it was hysterically funny either. Just made me laugh. That’s all.

I like to see you laugh.

Strange way of showing it. Launching an inquisition.

That’s ridiculous.

Yeah, it is. I was just thinking about Monty Python and it got me thinking about The Spanish Inquisition.

Oh, nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition.

That’s right.

The comfy chair.

Yes! That’s right. You know it.

Of course I know it.

Didn’t think you were a fan.

Well, I do watch TV sometimes. I see things.

Good. I’m glad.

Just share things with me a bit more. Please.

Do you want to be a bit more girly? Jesus.

OK. Sharing. Yes. It’s girly, but come on. You know what I mean.

Sometimes I enjoy an experience on my own. It’s not always worth sharing, as you put it. It might not be that good if I told you all the random shit which pops into my head.

Fine. Not everything then. I never said everything. But some things. It’s fun when we do things together, isn’t it. I like doing things together, don’t you?

Some things.

That’s dirty.

And I was mucking around.

Fair enough. But it’s good to spend time together, doing the same things.

Of course it is. This doesn’t need discussing.

Well, don’t keep things to yourself so much, then.

OK. Message received.

Good. Let’s watch Beauty And The Geek.


You heard.

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