SASSY TOWN FOLLIES by Felicity Appleton, no. 38 October 28

Just Like Audrey 

My favourite part of the My Fair Lady movie is when Audrey Hepburn sings ‘Wouldn’t It Be Loverly?’ Except there’s the part at the embassy ball – I love that too – and there’s the part at the races, and of course the bit at the end when Henry Higgins realises he loves her. Actually I love the entire film. Every single bit of it. Audrey’s in it after all. But the point about the song is that I often think of that song and the things Eliza Doolittle wants out of life, the things that she thinks will make her happy, and it makes me happy. You don’t need fancy things. Simple things make you happy, I reckon, and you need to remember that.

If I was to list my Wouldn’t It Be Loverly things there would be having dinner with friends, Yum Cha at the Imperial Garden in China Town, champers at Bacall’s, or at anywhere else for that matter, the beach on a summer day and sarongs and thongs and walking on hot sand and sand getting between your toes and then it becomes too hot and you run for the water and jump in, there would also be reading Cleo and Cosmo and NW and Women’s Weekly (it’s a pretty good magazine, and I love looking at pictures of the recipes), sleeping in on a Sunday and wearing my onesie around the apartment when it’s raining outside, and watching Australia’s Got Talent and X-Factor and The Voice, and ice cream and profiteroles and pate and French toast. French toast is loverly. I would add my Audrey Hepburn Tiffany sunnies and Terry Biviano leopard heels even though I know this list isn’t supposed to be about possession but about simple things and how life is good when you don’t want things at all. But some things are so worth having. Britain & Ireland’s Next Top Model with Elle is just fab – love Elle – and that’s definitely a show which makes life worth living. There would be also Survivor and The Apprentice (for business tips) and more shows than I really should mention or you’ll think I’m obsessed with TV. My new Samsung Smart TV recommends shows for me to watch – not that I need any recommendations! – and it’s just amazing, so I have to admit to loving that. It’s my one indulgence, along with the clothes and shoes and magazines and eating out and, well, OK, there are a few more things. But it’s about balance, isn’t it? Elizabeth Gilbert told us that.  Eat, Pray, Love is on my Loverly list as well.

What about the Love part? Well, for those of you who are interested, I saw the Three Marcusteers at Bacall’s on Saturday night and they told me that Damon, one of my exes, is single and feeling a bit lonely. They didn’t quite say it like that but that’s what they meant. I often think of Damon’s broad shoulders and his cheeky smile and a look he gets which isn’t quite caring but seems to indicate that he’s really listening to what you’re saying. I’ve never been able to get that look out of my mind. Not completely. He looks good in a Boss suit too.

I just happened to be strolling slowly up and down outside his gym Adrenaline Machine when he came out on Sunday morning. Damon always works out next morning after he goes out the night before. Glad I remembered that. He spotted me first and shouted, “Hey Flick, lunch is on me!”

And so we had lunch at Hilario and watched the sun set over the breaking waves at Bondi and made plans to meet up again next weekend.


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