On A Thursday Night In Late October



You’ve made an effort.

I hope you mean that as a compliment.

I do.


You’ve come alone.

That’s right. I didn’t have any children to bring.

Unusual. But that’s OK.

Oh, good. Glad I meet with your approval.

You do.

That’s the general idea.

Please forgive me. Do come in. There’s a bottle open. I’ll pour you a glass.

I’d like that very much.


There’s nothing in your back pocket, I see.

No, there’s nothing in my back pocket.

I might just check with my hands.

That doesn’t seem to be a question.

It isn’t.

Glad you’re satisfied.

I’ll check your front pockets now.

If you must.

I’ll be gentle.


Oh, you do have something down there.

I suppose I do.

It’s quite impressive.


I knew you had something for me.

If you have a trick for me, then perhaps I’ll have a treat for you. We’ll see.

I look forward to that.

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