SASSY TOWN FOLLIES by Felicity Appleton, no 39 November 13

Reasons To Be Excited 

So much has happened in the last two weeks that I simply didn’t have time to tell you all about it. How many of you are out there? Lots, I hope. (I think Kikki has read STF, but she never talks about it. She knows it’s my Carrie Bradshaw thing and I never talk about what I’ve written afterwards either. An artist lets their art speak for them. Who said that? Was it Jodi Picoult or maybe Tyra on America’s Next Top Model? Yes, maybe it was Tyra.)

I’ll start with the most recent events. We had an engagement and idea dialoguing day yesterday with all the Sparky People staff. The venue was beautiful and the food was lovely – the sponge they served when we broke for afternoon tea was so light and the cream was so pink that it reminded me of something from The Cupcakery or perhaps from Gâteau On York Street (which is almost as good as The Cupcakery). It was a big occasion, or so Jonesy told us it would be, or told me to tell everyone it would be is probably more accurate. In my new role I’m in charge of internal communications, and that means I rally the troops in the board room and send group emails to all the staff in the Asia-Pacific quite often. It is quite a buzz!

A new corporate structure was revealed and it was news to all of us. Even me. The other offices, like New Zealand and the other South-East Asia offices have been split up and rebranded as Sass Inc. So Sass Inc. Auckland is a subsidiary of SP and remains in our family while having an independent management structure and revenue policy. The plan – Jonesy’s plan that is – is becoming clearer. He’s streamlining without actually losing any staff (except the fucking hopeless ones, as he says when his door is closed). Our financials are as healthy as they’ve ever been. Finally, after so long, I’m beginning to understand all of this, and I know enough to know that Jonesy is a very very smart man. He’s not just a beautiful head of distinguished silver hair on top of a surprisingly athletic body. The strategy to take over global operations of SP is taking shape. He keeps telling me to trust him and I should.

Those old guys on the Sparky board in New York had better watch out. And Jonesy’s ex Margot should get ready too – he’s going to get back all those clients she stole and regain market share and reposition SP in terms of tailored synergies and leveraged outcomes (OK. I’m still getting the hang of these terms!)

Even more exciting was the Melbourne Cup day celebrations from last week. I flew down to Melbourne with Kikki and Cheryl and represented SP in the Liquorland Marquee. We do a lot of work for them so it was only right that they should invite us to their big party. And what a party it was! Rebel Wilson was there and Sophie Monk and a stylist who used to work for Donald Trump on The Apprentice (until she got … fired. Sounds like a joke but it’s true! Donald fires a lot of people. And his hair looks even more fake close up apparently.) We drank champagne and admired the frocks and fascinators and ate canapés and I forgot all about the race and only saw the very end on a TV when a jockey with a high-pitched voice said he was really excited.

I knew exactly how he felt. I still am.

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