SASSY TOWN FOLLIES by Felicity Appleton, no. 41 November 25

More Big Things 

I felt guilty then and I still feel guilty now. And there was guilt between then and now, if you get me. Guilt all the way through. Let me explain.

When Kikki and I were at the Melbourne Cup and were dancing and drinking in the Liquorland Marquee and we met Rebel Wilson, she gave me her card. Actually it was her agent’s card. She said to give her agent a call and that they could put some work our way. Apparently Rebel has representation in LA but doesn’t really have a full-time agent in Australia – she’s too big a star for that – and her people know about what we do at SP and respect us and so on, and, well, the short version is that we look after Rebel’s appearances at certain events now. We make things smooth for her and make sure the pics are good and they end up in the right magazines and all that sort of thing. Details are boring, but it is exciting isn’t it!

It’s the personal touch. Jonesy always talks about it. You have to meet people in person. If they like you you might do business with them. “Make them like you,” he says. “Charm the fucking pants off them”. And that’s the way it was in the marquee. We made sure the glasses always had enough champers and a fresh strawberry in the top and we danced to Katy Perry. Most people were just standing around and looking at each other in their fascinators and top hats and beautiful handbags, and we did plenty of that – the handbags! – but we also created a little dance floor and before long it was pumping. We were pretty cool. Rebel told us we were cool. That’s why she liked us. That’s why she gave me her agent’s business card and it’s why her agent will only deal with me. I don’t normally deal with clients, but in this case we make an exception. Jonesy says if a client wants you to bend over backwards you should ask if they want you to take off your pants first. I don’t get his obsession with pants, but you get the idea.

All of which meant I was in Melbourne again, to meet with Rebel’s fulltime LA agent who was in town. Kikki was there again. It was a very serious discussion but Tina, the agent, liked us and said we were very professional. She certainly was and it went really well.

But it meant that I missed a really big event. Big in a lot of ways. Jonesy’s December meeting with the board of Sparky People in New York has been scheduled for a long time, and he’s been restructuring the Asia-Pacific division to prove that he is capable of running the whole company. Some of it has been a bit ruthless. The deadwood has been “pruned” (another Jonesy word, which he particularly likes to use because it sounds clever), but he has also restructured, making national offices independent, and created separate companies where once we had departments which handled legal and strategic advice. Outsourcing – that’s what we do now, and Jonesy loves it.

And speaking of things he loves, or perhaps doesn’t, Jonesy flew out with Cheryl the accounts executive on Wednesday morning for the biggest business trip of their lives. But Cheryl is no longer just an executive. She was named CFO of Asia-Pacific Region and that’s why she’s travelling with Jonesy. I should have been there to make sure they were OK. I always make sure Jonesy catches his plane alright, but hopefully Cheryl looks after him this time – in more ways than one.

So, guilt. Feeling guilty. It’s not a nice feeling. Not at all.

But it’s not so bad when you have just been named Executive Vice-President of the Asia-Pacific! I know! Amazing, isn’t it? Yes, it’s official. I’m second in charge. Well, Cheryl’s second in charge, but I’m not far behind her. I think.

I hope the trip goes well. This could be really really big.

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