SASSY TOWN FOLLIES by Felicity Appleton, no. 42 December 2

The End 

This week I got my first Christmas card in the mail. I know! It’s very old-fashioned but I try to always send them and it’s lovely to get them yourself, isn’t it? This one shows a little log cabin on the side of a snowy mountain with tall Christmas tree trees growing all around it. There’s a fire inside the cabin and it looks so warm and cosy in there and so pretty and cold outside. It really made me think. My relationship mentor Cosi (the woman who taught me how to attract men and what to do with them) sent it to me. It’s beautiful. She’s pregnant, which is amazing, and I don’t think she can believe it but it’s true. She knows it’s real because she can’t drink any more, poor thing. But it’s a miracle – that’s what everyone says. And I don’t really know what to say or think. I’m so happy for her though.

The timing of this card – so early, so organised, so unlike the old Cosi – was interesting because I was thinking over an important offer when I got it. Damon, my ex, recently got a job with Jarvis Berry the English stockbrokers, in their French office and, well, he asked me to come too. I suppose he isn’t really my ex any more is he! That’s a nice thing to admit.

First Damon asked me to look after Felix his Doberman while he worked out the arrangements for bringing the dog over to join him. He was in a hurry to leave because the job started immediately and he decided he would make the arrangements from over there. But there’s no quarantine, not really, if the dog doesn’t have rabies. (And I won’t let those naughty rabies bite Felix. What are rabies actually? I should look that up.) Anyway it’s pretty easy to bring a healthy dog to France, which meant that there was no reason not to do it immediately. And it meant Damon had to ask me, for a second time, if I would join him. And I couldn’t keep putting him off by saying that someone needed to feed and exercise the dog.

So it all got hurried up, you see.

And so I decided that I would go. You have to be impulsive, like in the film Serendipity (and most other romantic comedies). I do like John Cusack. A lot. Getting sidetracked a bit, thinking of John Cusack ice skating in Central Park – sorry! Back to my story: I had to make a decision and do it pretty quickly. So I did. I asked Kikki and Heather and Adriano and mum and dad and my sis Arabella and then I ignored what they all said and did what I thought was right.

What is right is often the same as what Jonesy recommends and he once told me that you should never be in a job too long. “Leave before your arse makes an imprint on your chair,” he said. “Or get a new chair”, which meant  if you stay make sure you get promoted and buy new office furniture. I think. Some of Jonesy’s wisdom is a bit tricky to understand.

But I’m going! At 24 it is time for a new challenge. We’ll live in a village called Domancy, which is right near the skiing, which Damon loves to do. He was a state champion as a teenager and used to be a professional instructor in Aspen during uni holidays. The photos Damon has sent look like a Christmas card. It’s so romantic and I’m so excited! I feel like I’m going to burst. A new chapter starts. I might even study French at university in France. Not sure yet. But I’m so looking forward to it.

Before I go I need to organise Felix’s transport and see him off at the airport. I know he’ll be a brave little man for me. He’s not that little actually.

Oh, and the Sparky People stuff? I expect you want to know about that. Well, Jonesy is now the global CEO of the company and has decided to come back and run it from Sydney. His ex-wife Margot was headhunted back and runs the New York office, with all of the clients she stole from SP originally, which created all the problems in the company to start with. It’s almost as if the whole thing was part of a plan Jonesy and Margot came up with so they could get control of the company between them. Almost. I wonder …

Anyway, Cheryl from accounts is no longer from accounts. She will head up the Asia-Pacific division and, well, I think we can say that Cheryl and Jonesy are finally more than just business partners. I love it! Finally. I wanted this to happen for sooooo long.

Adriano will be Cheryl’s second in command. Apparently he’s thinking of changing his name again, but I’ve told him not to be so silly. He’s an executive and needs to be grown up now.

Kikki has also left SP to take up a role in a new PR company called Appleton International. Yes! My company! We handle Rebel Wilson at present, and that’s all. We’re starting small. I’m on the board (with Kikki) but I’m allowing her to run the company while I do other things. I may never be hands on, if Kikki does a good job, and I bet she will. I might end up writing romantic novels. I’ve always wanted to do that. Damon says I should give it a go.

And Heather has just left the country herself. She’s gone to Fiji, for romantic reasons, and I couldn’t be happier for her.

So there’s my news. All of it, I think. I’m going to miss the beach and the BBQ on Christmas Day but you have to try new things and it’s all so very very extremely exciting. Isn’t it!

I’ll probably be too busy to keep you all updated next year, but it has been a lot of fun.

Happy Christmas and wish me luck!

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