Making Story Ideas

This could be obvious or it could even be wrong and dangerously so – I’m not sure where it will sit on the continuum between those two positions, but here goes. I find it very difficult to come up with story ideas, or more particularly to come up with ideas for stories I would want to write or be good at writing. Some of that is undoubtedly lazy or insufficiently creative or daring or something, but there it is. The story idea often doesn’t come at all and it’s an important problem. I’ve done all sorts of obvious things, like keeping a notebook and using newspapers as a source of inspiration and that sort of thing, and again the reasons for not having a great deal of luck with these probably owe at least as much to prevarication as they do to the mysteries of a blockage in the writerly apparatus. But the fact remains.

This idea occurred a little while ago while I was watering the gardenias: think of an incident which occurred to you, an incident you know well, and maybe it’s best to write down the story of that incident; then imagine you are another person who was involved in the same incident and write the story of the events which occurred from their point of view. It’s not terribly creative, in one way, but creativity is borrowing and art is sorting and rearranging, and this idea has elements of all of those things.

I might give it a try. Tomorrow maybe. Or a bit later. When I get a chance.





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