Jez & Maggsy – Lunch In The Park

It was a sunny day – a beautiful sunny day, without a cloud in the sky, in fact – and so we arranged to meet up for lunch in the park. I sent Jez a text message, which said, “I want some meat in my mouth” and he replied: “I bet you do”. It’s the code we use. The first part means do you want to have lunch? And the second part means yes. I replied to his reply, “I’m gagging for it”, which means we will meet in the same place.

It’s silly, I know. But couples do these things. Not always the same way, but it’s typical to have your own little words and phrases, a language of your own almost, that only the two of you share. I suppose it is, anyway. Maybe some couples don’t do this sort of thing, certainly not the steady stream of sex jokes, and those people, if there are people like that, probably think it’s all a bit infantile and wonder why two adults don’t just grow up. To them I’d say we do it because it’s fun. It keeps us amused and we’re not hurting anyone and it’s just mucking around. Mucking around is always OK by me if it’s funny. This silly kind of thing makes both of us laugh, so there. Actually I don’t know if there is anyone who would tell us to grow up. I was using my imagination. It doesn’t matter anyway. People don’t tend to care much about other people unless a gun is being waved about or wild dogs has been released, in my experience.

So we were in the park. And the grass was cool but the soil was warm, if you know what I mean. I hope you do. It’s one of the best things about going to the park on a hot day. I took my shoes off and Jez passed me my hamburger (the meat in my mouth) and we both bit into our burgers and were thoughtful for a moment, and we turned to each other and nodded, which means that this is a good burger and very tasty. Ivan’s burgers are always good, but there’s that anticipation which lasts a few seconds, no more, and the knowledge that it should be a delicious lunch because it usually is can’t compete with the fact that you can always be disappointed and you also never quite know what you’ll find on your burger, as Ivan can vary his ingredients a bit, adds to the excitement, and then there’s the uncertainty between Jez and me about whether the other one will enjoy their burger as much or not at all, and you so much just want to both enjoy it the same. And we nod. And it’s good and we feel good and can enjoy the rest in a more relaxed state, and that’s when I look at the people who sit on the edge of the little wall around the fountain and imagine what jobs they do. One day a teenaged boy who had a skateboard fell backwards into the fountain and Jez laughed like Carl Barron had just pulled a face, and he kept on laughing until some office workers pulled the skater out and an ambulance arrived with its siren on. The poor kid had a seizure or something. I think Jez was sorry for laughing, but he really hates skaters.

And the walk back to the office always seems less sad when you’ve eaten one of Ivan’s burgers in the park. Knowing you have to do more work and you can’t go home for hours yet doesn’t seem so horrible when you’ve spent an hour with your boyfriend.

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