Thoughts On The Day After Deadline Day

The deadline was last night, at midnight I think, but I sent it in early. Early because there was only so much you could do to the thing and because a lot of things had been tried and there was a danger that something could have been lost if any more tinkering had occurred, and early because it seemed like a good thing to not submit a piece of writing at the very last minute for a change. In a way submitting it ruled a line under it and released me to do something else, and so, in that way, it was an effort to be rid of the thing and demonstration that you can really get a bit sick of reading and re-reading something which is readable and not bad but isn’t actually good. The thought of doing something else was appealing and that is what I intend to do now.

This time it will be a story with action, although not too much, well, you know, probably not guns and explosive detonators on a timer and fist fights on the roof of a train – not that kind of action – but, you know, action in the sense of movement: some movement, characters going from one place to another and picking things up and fiddling, not just talking and descriptions of wallpaper and speculations on what the characters might be thinking about.

This time it will have a more inventive setting and the plot might contain elements of surprise.

This time there will be an effort to make it faster – as distinct from slow, so slow that nothing seems to be happening at all – moving the action along being a way to remind readers that there is, in fact, action taking place. (Or it might be a way to remind them: I have to try it to find out.)

This time there will be something magical or dreamlike or even surreal.

And this time it will be better.

That is the hope, after all. To get better and keep getting better, to find a voice or to do more things with the voice you already have, to stretch yourself, try things, realise what you can do and learn your limitations and all of that. Yes, all of that. Not terribly specific is it? No, but I’m not a specific kind of guy, as far as writing is concerned anyway. Instinct and feel are my biggest influences, and this is both a strength and weakness. Perhaps the lesson is to plan and prepare more thoroughly, and then let yourself go, if you know you are going to let yourself go anyway. Perhaps.

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