Behold The Man

When the pencil was lifted off the page, there he was. Actually was he really a he? Was it, in fact, a she? It’s hard to tell with stick figures. Certainly it was a person – an adult person: you could tell by the size and the proportions. It had pretty big feet, this pencil person on the page, flat and still, but looking as if it had just been moving and was captured in an active adventurous pose. Standing heroically, legs apart a bit – too far apart, in fact – and looking heroic and resourceful and independent. Sounds male, doesn’t it? Like the pencil person on the page was maybe pausing before running off to shoot at something or fart loud enough to impress its stick figure mates or maybe build something, something like a skateboard ramp or catapult, which would display at the same time practicality and pointlessness. Yeah, we’re talking about a man.
Let’s call him Arty.
Arty has long legs. He has thin long legs and thin arms too and a circular head and a very thin seeming torso. Oh, the pencil just touched the page again. It moved with a quick flourish and was lifted off the page again. Now Arty has the hair of a Mills & Boon hero – all long and luxuriant and flowing and manly. He is also holding the helmet from a suit of armour in the crook of his elbow (yes, now Arty has an elbow). He looks good.
The pencil descends once more, and Arty is wearing a breast plate – or, at least he doesn’t look so skinny now.
And down the pencil point goes once more, and up. There’s a stick figure horse.
Arty is a knight. His armour doesn’t shine, as it is comprised or a series of short curvy lines on a white page, and armour like that isn’t the premium armour, but it’s good armour and he’s ready to fight any drawings of dragons who might come along.

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