Some Thoughts On The Reading Of Books

Reading should be about flights of fancy and dreams and using the imagination. As you read you place yourself at the centre of the story, and when it’s an adventure story that’s pretty exciting.

There’s nothing wrong with genre fiction. Even when it’s a pastiche with references to other famous works from the genre it’s in, plagiarism in some cases, that’s all part of the postmodern game, isn’t it.

There must be examples but none shall be mentioned here, for there is little time and much to say. In fact there is little to say, but it is profound. The implications will be profound, or could be profound, or perhaps there will be profound parts in them, the implications, if implications there be. Perhaps there will be depth of meaning and breadth of emotion, assuming the two are indeed separate and distinct entities, or should that be qualities, and perhaps it is true that feeling and emotion amount to the same thing anyway, meaning that to put both in a list is simply padding.

Biographies. That’s all. Learn more about your heroes and about interesting people from history.

When I read what I like I know it will be good and I look forward to reading more. When I finish a book I start on the next one, as soon as I can get my hands on it. And I know it will be good. Because it always is.

Feeling is a common and shared reaction beyond the mere intellectual realm, it includes sensory reaction and affective disposition, whereas emotion is a more personal affective response, complex, not repeatable or shareable and only possible to be guessed at by others who have also experienced some basically similar stimulus – there: feeling and emotion are different, and it is possible to define them. Unless those are purely examples of confidently arranged words which don’t really mean anything. They could be. Affective disposition sounds good, but does it really mean anything at all? It might.

I don’t read books by women or about women or on feminine subjects. There’s no point. These things have nothing to do with me and I don’t want to waste my time.

And is that really the trick, in all of this, pretending, in a convincing manner, that you know what you are talking about and that you are indeed in control. That attitude can take you along way.

A confident guide, laying down the words, in order, is very important, and readers will follow, if the path seems to lead in a logical direction, and some will even follow if the path does strange and unpredictable things.

Good detective fiction is the only thing that can really claim and keep my attention. There’s nothing worse than bad writing about crimes and solving crimes, but to find a good author you never knew about, who knows what they’re doing, well, it’s an intellectual workout.

Discerning readers may ask questions as they read and those questions may get more strident and become demanding if the plot does follow as it ought to.

It really doesn’t matter if the writer is an artist, as long as they are at liberty to create beautiful things and to do things differently from the way other people do things. The artist is an individual, but is the individual an artist? Not always. But perhaps, in a manner of speaking, it is possible to live life as art. And then, yes, the individual is an artist.

Books by wankers aren’t worth it. Some of the things I see are just a kind of love story but one of the characters is insane or from some minority group or they live on a remote island, or all of the above, and there’s no real actual story.

It’s about fantasy for me. Romances are meant to be a bit embarrassing, and I laugh as I’m reading quite often, but I loose myself too, and I finish them so quickly. It’s addictive and I just love doing it.

Biographies. That’s all. Learn more about your heroes and about interesting people from history.

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