Spring is here and Tincture Journal has published a story of mine called ‘Cubans’ in it’s Spring issue (Issue Seven).

The word exciting is overused, I think, but this is exciting. It’s the first story of mine to be published. (There was a non-fiction piece ten years ago in the UTS Writers’ Anthology, and a strange period at about the same time where I had a column in a free street magazine – but those things weren’t stories and I definitely wasn’t paid for them.)

The goal for this year was to get something published, and that has happened now. Most important is to keep going, and write more, and submit more. And, unfortunately, that means a certain amount of self-promotion, which I hate. There are so many social media avenues, and they should all be used, and it’s uncomfortable for the reactive little person who observes from the darkened corner to be proactive, and say, “Hey everybody, look over here. I’ve got this cool announcement about me!” But that’s what you have to do, and I’ve been doing it via Facebook (which I never post on), Twitter (usually only trivial posts and infrequent), and here (where, I suppose, I write any old bollocks, which is occasionally self-indulgent, I fear, but never boastful, I hope). Emailing some friends to let them know my news even felt awkward. Anyway. Enough of that.

Thank you for reading.

Here’s a link to my story:

Tincture Journal is an e-book journal.

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  1. Hearty congratulations to you. It IS exciting, and don’t talk yourself out of feeling it in any way. I absolutely get what you mean about the self promotion, I’m so uncomfortable in it that I get people saying: why didn’t you tell me about this? But I’d rather, if I have to have a social media ‘profile’ be the person who’s just talking to other people and sharing links and having a joke, having conversations about writing, rather that spruiking. It makes me embarrassed to read it when others do it; I shudder thinking of doing it myself. So tawdry.

    I am bookmarking your link and will TRY to get to it and read it. But good on you in the meantime, keep going. For this is the most important thing of all.

    • Very wise and very true, Jenny. Thank you.

      I suppose spruiking is hard for most people. Some hide this better than others, perhaps?

      Yes, to keep going is the most important thing.

      Thanks again.

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