On The Corner, In A Beanie

It could be that the man on the corner, wearing the grey beanie, leaning against the window of the post office was lost in his own thoughts and missed the incident entirely. It could be that he didn’t see the man run from the pharmacy on the other side of the road and force his way into the passenger’s side of the hatchback waiting at the lights. It could be that he didn’t hear the tyres squeal as the hatchback lurched forward into traffic coming the other way and swerved to avoid a ute and instead was struck by a bus returning to the depot at the end of its run. It could be that the man on the corner in the beanie missed all of this, and it could be that he saw all of it. One theory held that he had somehow caused the pile up: that he had given signals to the man who robbed the pharmacy, sending him and his unwilling chauffeur into the path of the lumbering vehicle. But that was only a theory, and most dismissed it as soon as they heard it.

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