Item after item was presented to her and she was urged to argue for its life. Many hundreds of articles and receptacles and implements from a kitchen established first in country New South Wales, then transplanted to London, then to the other side of London, and then re-established in Sydney and added to, over many years, as gadgets and more sets of cutlery – old and new – were come by in various ways and nothing could ever be let go.

There were good reasons, in her mind, to keep the lot. Why would you throw away a perfectly good spoon, just because there are twenty or thirty more like it, only better, and you live with one other person and rarely do anything approaching entertaining people? That’s not a good enough reason. Even being broken isn’t a good enough reason. Or covered in dust. And many thing were caked in dirty grey.

For once, despite the recent progress made in the continuing effort to streamline a cluttered life, she refused to play the game. She started off well, volunteering that a shelf full of glasses could be discarded, but that quickly dissipated with the confusion which comes when events seem to get away from you and you decide that the other people are plotting somehow to remove memories of yours which should be treated with more respect.

And so many things, over a long life, bringing up two kids, feeding dogs and cats, passing through the various phases of life, have sentimental value. So many things were a present. And you should hold onto a present, surely.

There was frequent disagreement on this point, and I have to say it was a rather sad sight to behold a woman who once controlled the household she lived in, what her kids ate and how and when they ate it, reduced to appealing for the life of an obscure piece of crockery which no-one else could identify, but which might, just might, have had a story of some kind, and wished it, and other items, returned to a kitchen she no longer spends very much time in at all.

But that was Saturday.

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